Unveiling a Powerful Google Maps Scraping Tool

Unveiling a Powerful Google Maps Scraping Tool

Effortlessly Extract Rich Location Data with Ease


In a world where data is increasingly crucial, having the right tools to gather information is essential. This introduces a command-line Google Maps scraper, developed using the Scrapemate web crawling framework. Ideal for business analysts, data scientists, or anyone in need of detailed location data, this tool offers an efficient way to extract valuable information from Google Maps.

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What is the Google Maps Scraper?

The Google Maps scraper is an open source command-line tool designed to extract a wide array of data points from Google Maps. Users have the flexibility to utilize the tool as is or customize its code to fit specific needs.

Key Features

  • Data Extraction: Extracts numerous data points from Google Maps.

  • Export Options: Allows exporting data in CSV, JSON, or directly to PostgreSQL.

  • Performance: Extracts approximately data from 55 places per minute.

  • Customization: Extendable for writing custom exporters or code modifications.

  • Cross-Platform: Dockerized for compatibility across various platforms.

  • Scalability: Suitable for scaling across multiple machines.

  • Email Extraction: Optionally extracts emails from business websites.

Email Extraction

The email extraction feature is disabled by default to optimize performance. When enabled, the scraper visits the website of a listed business and tries to extract emails from the page, primarily from the main page registered on Google Maps. Future updates aim to include extraction from additional pages such as 'About Us' and 'Contact'.

Extracted Data Points

The tool is capable of extracting a comprehensive list of data points including:

  • Link, title, category, address

  • Open hours, popular times, website, phone

  • Plus code, review count, review rating

  • Latitude, longitude, and much more


Please use this program responsibly. It is important to adhere to Google Maps' terms of service and local laws regarding data scraping and privacy. The tool is provided for legitimate purposes and should be used with ethical considerations in mind.


This Google Maps scraper tool offers an easy and efficient way to access detailed location data. Whether for professional data analysis or personal use, this tool is a valuable resource for anyone needing comprehensive data from Google Maps.